Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2015

Accelerating the Transformation to Virtual Network Services

The relentless pace of innovation is driving developers and service providers to redefine how they bring applications and services to users. Users’ demand for new applications is forcing a transformation away from limited function, tightly integrated and proprietary solutions toward a more fluid, programmable, adaptable service delivery environment. At the same time, competition for user engagement is fierce and operators need to find ways to become dramatically more efficient while they are also accelerating their pace of innovation. Significant work toward enabling this demanding mix of applications is being done on a number of levels in service provider networking. First is in the sheer physics of communication. Developments range from 5G wireless and higher capacity networking in WiFi, near-field communication, and other wireless applications to developments in fixed network communication for terabit-scale transmission and higher capacity broadband access (optical, DSL, and cable). 

F5 Networks has fully realized the importance of enabling virtualized architectures for its service provider customers and is pursuing a comprehensive program of achieving these results. Find out how F5 Networks is unlocking potential in the always-on, fully-connected world in Paul Paker-Johnson’s whitepaper Accelerating the Transformation