Ram M. Srikant

Principal Analyst

Contact: msrikant@acgcc.com
Office: +1.510.771.4797

Role: Responsible for cloud computing and data center virtualization market research and consulting practice

Experience: 37+ years of experience of comprehensive enterprise transformation and product execution

Ram M. Srikant (Sri) has 37 years of comprehensive enterprise transformation and product execution experience with critical business drivers and environments across dynamic global markets. He has a strong track-record in IT services and core technology product lines with diverse global development teams. His expertise extends to guiding enterprises in their digital transformation journey, focusing on strategy, analysis, planning, operations and governance across environments and ecosystems, as well as contributing to core standards and processes. Sri has been involved in product execution: management/development/delivery of the product life cycle, architectures, design, implementation, testing and deployment for seven pioneering products including three concept-to-launch products.

Sri is a specialist in the areas of networking and security (23 years), cloud/distributed systems (27 years), AI and deep learning (35 years), enterprise (26 years) and research (10 years). Cisco, Cacheflow, Broadcom, Verizon, AWS, Google, HCL, Cognizant, Oracle, and TCS are some key industry players with which Sri has worked. He has also served with DoE, DoD and NSF research laboratories. Recent work has included emerging areas such as Private 5G Wireless, Open RAN, IoT, UAS.

Mr. Srikant holds a Master of Science in pure mathematics from New Mexico State University; a Master of Technology in computer engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology; and an undergraduate in electrical engineering. He was an Artificial Intelligence UN Fellow at Yale University and a Computer Science Graduate Research Fellow at TIFR, Bombay.