Published On: Sun, Jun 15th, 2014

Becoming an Agile Operator in a Globally Connected World

G​rowth in application uptake and related traffic volumes are outpacing the ability of legacy platforms to keep pace. Providers are aware that they not only need new solutions but also need new models ​for how computing and networking should be done to meet demand and growth. The answer​ is in use of virtualized platforms an open modular software, which are providing order of magnitude improvements in scale, agility and TCO versus legacy designs. Cloud-based applications and IT investments are delivering payback periods of less than one to between two and three years depending on the service. Virtualized network functions are demonstrating ​sustainable ​ reductions in TCO of 40–65 percent, doubling the speed of new service deployments.

Operators can secure efficiencies and paybacks ​in these ranges ​ by starting on targeted programs of adopting the virtualized platform ​model. 

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