When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change


March 17, 2022

Netcracker, an NEC company, has long supplied comprehensive suites of BSS and OSS software to CSPs worldwide. Now, Netcracker has launched the Netcracker Digital Platform, its all-inclusive BSS/OSS suite. It provides a full range of business and network operations functions for CSPs’ operation ...


Jan. 29, 2021

Automating transport network operations is fundamental to building the fully automated network of the future. CSPs have shown a strong preference for building up this automation through a set of well-prioritized, bottom-up steps. These steps include both simplifying network infrastructure opera ...


Aug. 11, 2020

Special-purpose networks, such as IP-VPNs, SD-WANs, and low-latency trading networks have been offered by CSPs for many years but engender large extra capex and opex costs. Re-imagining these networks as slices of a common network infrastructure promises to decrease the capex cost, but makes them mo ...