Published On: Thu, May 19th, 2016

It’s about APPU and QoE, not ARPU

Today, based on the volume of data traffic transmitted over Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi has firmly established itself among the most heavily used wireless technology ever deployed. Economies of scale allowed the integration of low-cost Wi-Fi chipsets into a growing and mature ecosystem built of millions of devices and applications, allowing users Wi-Fi access at home, at work and in public locations.

ACG Research conducted a business study of different technology penetrations on service provider’s networks. The scenario compared trusted and untrusted Wi-Fi traffic to the present mode of operation that includes 2G, 3G and VoLTE voice traffic. The scenario compares different penetrations to identify the optimum plan that will optimize SP’s APPU. The study found that this is only possible by increasing the amount of trusted Wi-Fi traffic and VoWi-Fi penetration,resulting in higher EBITDA margins and APPU, up to 12.61 percent, saving $2.8 billion for a 26 percent monthly increase of APPU over five years.

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