Network Analytics and Service Intelligence

ACG’s Network Analytics and Service Intelligence practice combines proven industry experience and a blend of strong business and technical skills to help clients achieve their business objectives through primary market research, expert analysis and custom consulting services. Network infrastructure vendors and service providers can exploit the power of Big Data technology and predictive analytics for real-time, actionable intelligence that enables network operators to grow revenue, increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction.

Service provider networks are growing increasingly diverse and complex. Technology innovations and business forces are driving change across the entire expanse of fixed and mobile service provider networks. WiFi offload. Small cells. Mobile edge computing. IoT. Evolved packet core. 5G. Network slicing. Everything-as-a-Service. Public, private and clouds. Data center virtualization. On-demand services. Gigabit broadband. Smart homes. CDNS. Amidst all this change, video continues to eat the world.

Network analytics and service intelligence are critical to service providers for a wide array of use cases, including:

  • Network operations and troubleshooting
  • Network engineering and optimization
  • Performance monitoring and service assurance
  • Customer experience management
  • Real-time, dynamic service management
  • Device, subscriber and application intelligence
  • New service analysis and planning
  • Monetization and charging schemes
  • Revenue assurance and fraud detection
  • Security threat detection and mitigation
  • Regulatory compliance

Now more than ever, network operators need analytics tools that provide real-time visibility into network activity so they can monitor and predict behavior, taking action proactively to ensure application performance, satisfy customer SLAs and improve quality of experience.

Network and communications service providers face the challenge of continually expanding and upgrading their networks to accommodate nonstop growth in bandwidth consumption and the number of users, devices and applications. Not only is this capital intensive, but operations costs rise as a function of increasing scale and complexity, impacting profitability.

Fierce competition among providers and from over-the-top (OTT) players has resulted in downward pricing pressure, impacting revenue growth even as the network continues to expand. Subscribers unhappy with their current service can easily switch to another provider or use one of the many OTT alternatives.

On the plus side, SDN and NFV promise to reduce costs by exploiting web-scale programmability and hardware economies of scale, enabling new levels of automation and virtualization that will transform how service providers conceive, create, deploy, manage and monetize their offerings. These new technologies will usher in a new era of innovative, more granular services tailored to the needs of specific users, improving customer satisfaction and driving profitable revenue growth.

With the availability of increasingly powerful Big Data analytics solutions and advances in machine learning, service providers are poised to leverage network analytics in order to to measurably improve performance, service assurance and customer experience.

ACG’s Network Analytics and Service Intelligence practice offerings include:

  • Market impact analysis
  • Business case analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Market segmentation and analysis
  • Market surveys and testing
  • New product or service analysis
  • Customer strategy and messaging validation
  • Business and technology strategy workshops
  • White papers, webinars, videos
  • Speaking engagements
  • Sales enablement
  • Analyst access

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