High-Performance Business Consulting

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Growth Strategies and the High-Performance Business Consulting
Accelerating technology and business innovations continue to wreak havoc on revenues and returns across the communications and networking value chain. The migration of data center network modalities to service provider networks, for example, is proving to be significantly disruptive, while simultaneously creating new business opportunities for companies with short-cycle technology and service innovation cycles. ACG’s consulting practice helps clients develop business and product strategies to accelerate growth and overcome the competitive and market challenges.

Developing Growth Strategies
ACG’s Growth Strategies consulting practice helps equipment vendors and network service providers develop and implement business and product strategies to accelerate growth. The key steps to developing a growth strategy include:

  • Identify key growth issues, threats and challenges
  • Establish your organization’s ambition, future vision, and objectives
  • Identify key performance metrics and gaps
    Identify, characterize and prioritize potential growth initiatives: product development, new business formation, improving operational performance and competitiveness
  • Develop implementation plan: line extensions, new product and service creation, partnerships and acquisitions
    Creating the High-Performance Business

The continued short cycling of technology and business innovations requires companies to be more agile from their supply chains, through their core business processes, and through their distribution channels. For many telecommunications and networking companies, becoming more nimble contrasts with historical paradigms orientated around risk aversion and measured adoption of new technologies.
To address these challenges, ACG works with clients to identify, evaluate and prioritize key business process improvements. We incorporate a robust approach to business process redesign with the following key elements:

  • Map Key Business Processes: Identify initiating events, define each step in the process, and characterize the “value targets” (stakeholders) of each process
  • Develop Economic Model: For each process, identify cost elements and cost drivers and build an economic model of each business process, applying activity-based costing
  • Redesign Key Business Processes: For each business process, identify potential changes related to new business models, technology introduction, and process redesigns
  • Economic Analysis: Analyze each process change from an economic and stakeholder perspective, identifying the highest impact changes and potential initiatives

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