BAE Software

BAE is fundamental for any company using Excel to generate IT business use cases

The ACG BAE Model Designer is revolutionizing the way we build financial models, total cost of ownership models, and business case models. It offers a graphically oriented approach, which simplifies model construction and enhances understanding of model logic and flow. The Model Designer is based on libraries of components, including servers, resources, applications, full-time equivalents, and services. These libraries enable users to create complex models in minutes, drastically improving efficiency and clarity. 


  • GRAPHICAL APPROACH: Visualizing models becomes more intuitive and accessible, promoting better comprehension and collaboration.
  • LIBRARIES: Complex components can be easily assembled to create intricate models quickly.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Generic libraries are available for general use, while customer-specific libraries can be created for proprietary data and models.
  • RICH OUTPUT: The Model Designer generates detailed and valuable insights from the created models.


The current approach to building business cases often involves creating complicated spreadsheets and employing teams of analysts. This method is slow, prone to errors, and can quickly become outdated. The ACG BAE Model Designer addresses these issues by providing:

  • Accessible to subject matter experts: Users can create complex models without being modeling experts, as the BAE platform and data provide the expertise.
  • Real-world modeling: The Model Designer can model actual networks, taking into account specific data centers, cell sites, and end-user locations.
  • Speed: Models can be built quickly and efficiently, enabling faster decision-making.
  • Accuracy: The platform offers reliable data, logic, and modeling expertise.

The ACG BAE Model Designer is a game-changing tool that enables businesses to make informed, economically sound decisions. By combining a graphical approach with libraries and customization, the platform empowers subject matter experts to create accurate, real-world models quickly and efficiently. As technology continues to evolve, the ACG BAE Model Designer ensures that businesses can keep up with the pace and remain competitive.

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