ACG Debuts Intelligent Composable Fabrics for Superior Results in Digital Enablement

ACG has introduced a visionary, innovative and widely applicable model for continuously achieving superior results in digital enablement. The model is called the Intelligent Composable Fabric (ICF). ICFs harness the most powerful technologies in both the operations and the information technology domains (OT and IT) and fuse them together in a fully connected, AI enhanced, intent-driven platform for achieving superior results in a broad array of industry sectors and use cases. ICFs present a unique opportunity for organizations pursuing digital enablement to create a pervasively intelligent, composable, software-driven fabric for continuous optimization at every level—from local machine and end system operations to intermediate departmental and group operations to the analysis and orchestration of strategic goals and operating plans at the executive level. ICFs open the door to help organizations achieve long coveted goals of continuous innovation and improvement, nimble and insightful responses to market opportunities, ubiquitously agile operations, and sustainable competitive advantage.

Click to access the ICF conceptual framework white paper. Return to this site frequently in coming months for additional research, analysis and information about ICFs, and the dynamics of digital enablement.

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