Market Impact Studies


Market Impact Q & A 

     Q: What is a Market Impact?

A: ACG’s Market Impact features one to two-page assessments of telecom events, products, services, and industry news. Our analysts provide timely, real-time, pertinent telecom information.

    Q: What types of topics does Market Impact cover?

A: A Market Impact covers the following topics: MNA activity, product launches, new products, product framework launches, company announcements, telecom events, investment announcements, and market changes. 

Q: How can I subscribe to Market Impact?

A. We offer two subscription options: 1) individual service subscription and 2) as one component of a bundled service package. 

Q: What are Web Rights?

A: Web rights allow you to publish the market impact or video that you purchased on your website and send it to your clients.

     Q: How do I subscribe for the service or purchase a Market Impact?

  A. Contact for information.