Transport and Multi-Layer SDN

Transport and Multi-Layer SDN

Transport and Multi-Layer SDN

Analyzes operator use cases, deployment scenarios, technology and architecture developments, industry consortium and open source community developments, vendor product offerings and operator uptake of those products in the market for software-driven control of service provider network infrastructures.

Analysis of solutions pertinent to topological domains (such as metro, edge and core); to network deployment layers (such as Layer 1, Layer 2, and Layer 3); and to multiple vendors’ transport infrastructure underlays is performed. 

A life-cycle perspective on product deployments is used. This means, we analyze deployments, as well as product and solution offerings, based not only on where they fit into the life cycle of service creation -> deployment -> operation and monitoring -> analysis -> update + evolution; but also how they fit into a modular, model-driven construct for how the software capabilities are realized.

Innovations in data modeling, software architecture, network and underlying element designs, telemetry, AI/analytics, and related disciplines are analyzed.

We are approaching these topics from the perspective that software in this portion of service provider operations is evolving toward a modular, API-based, and model-driven framework that uses combinations of modules in addressing the requirements of individual domains, as well as of multiple domains in the aggregate when supporting entire network infrastructures and services.

Analysis of vendor product offerings, and of service provider uptake, is done. Twice yearly landscape reports are provided that describe the state of the market and the suppliers and highlights changes in the market.

Quantitative forecasts are supplied for the various domains, classified into areas such as multidomain orchestration, single domain controllers, platforms, components and tool sets. Qualitative analysis of the developments is done.

Information exchange with our team in advance of the delivery of reports and review/discussion time subsequent to their delivery are available and provided as desired.

Additional time for discussion + exploration of specific topics in detail can be arranged as an optional retainer or add-on to the syndication. 

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