Published On: Wed, Jan 20th, 2016

Router and Switching

Operators are dealing with multiple platform and network issues: growing penetration of fiber-to-the-home broadband access, carriers’ development of next-generation networks, and fixed-mobile convergence–to name just a few. Simultaneously, they also must deal with the additional challenge of reducing costs, increasing average revenue per person and reducing churn. To meet these challenges, operators are turning to carriers to develop faster, smarter, and more efficient networks.

Rapidly changing and dynamic operating environments are driving operators to take a hard look at how they do business and adapt their business models, operations, networks, and relationships to meet these changes. As core networks migrate toward IP/MPLS, Evolved Packed Core and more voice and value-added services are delivered on these networks, operators need timely information, unbiased competitive intelligence, and sound analysis before they can make strategic business and infrastructure decisions about their networks.

In some cases service providers are now competing with incumbent carriers for high-speed data services customers. Most new SPs have limited access networks and are using incumbent carriers’ infrastructures, making it difficult for new carriers to ensure the quality of their service end-to-end across the entire network because the traffic is traveling on another carrier’s access segment.

Service providers are demanding access equipment that will address quality of service, diagnostics, performance monitoring and end-to-end service. Those innovative vendors that can develop equipment and products that meet these requirements as well as address consumers’ requirements for service quality, reliability, high-availability, and compatibility will lead the pack in capturing market and revenue share.

ACG Research provides an analysis of the carrier routing and switching market and the opportunities and challenges facing service providers. We compare technology solutions of major network equipment providers as well as assess the issues related to architecture road maps, network convergence, service creation, and technology strategic directions to provide insight on next-generation routing and switching and align them with business initiatives.

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