Liliane Offredo

Liliane BWPrincipal Analyst
Office: +1.917.599.7399

Role: Responsible for video delivery infrastructure and for software enabled services, syndicated and consulting division.

Experience: Extensive industry experience with telecom and cable service providers and industry vendors; held leadership roles in marketing, technology strategy, corporate strategy, product development and financial analysis.

Ms. Offredo is particularly focused on how disruptive technologies enable business transformation, create new market opportunities and change the competitive dynamics, and how companies adapt to change. She is also focused on analyzing new opportunities created in transforming industries.

As president of The Sannine Group, an advisory firm she founded in 2008, Ms. Offredo-Zreik advised many companies in telecom, cable and media on issues such as competitive analysis and strategic positioning, creating major new revenue growth opportunities through product innovation in new verticals, and due diligence for major M&A transactions.

Prior to founding The Sannine Group, Liliane was the VP of Strategy and Development for Time Warner Cable (now Charter), where she was instrumental in the launch of VoIP based telephony services (Digital Phone) and in defining a roadmap and an infrastructure for converged services. She assessed the competitive threats to the company from established competitors and emerging ones and recommended competitive strategies to senior management.

Ms. Offredo-Zreik was a director of marketing at Sonus Networks, one of the premier VoIP equipment vendors, where she initiated and led a solutions marketing organization. She also developed and led the marketing organization at Broadband2Wireless, a high- profile private company offering WIFI based subscribed broadband services.

Liliane started her career with Verizon Corp. where she held roles with increasing responsibility during her eight years with the company. She led the development of innovative services based on state-of the art technologies and gained extensive expertise in the full product lifecycle.

Ms. Offredo-Zreik also was a high-yield credit analyst with Muzinich & Co., a buy side investment fund, covering cable, media, telecom and technology.

Liliane has an MBA from Harvard Business School, a master’s in electrical engineering from Cornell University, and a BSEE from Syracuse University. She is a board member of the Martina Arroyo Foundation and of the Harvard Business School Women Association of New York.