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Analysts and Service Coverage
About ACG Research: In tight economic times, being successful means realizing as much as possible from your existing telecom operations and capabilities. To do this involves understanding what your competitors are doing, how efficient and effective your own operations are, and what your customers/clients are saying about you.

ACG Research is an analyst/consulting firm that provides market analysis and expert consulting. Our focus is in three areas: quantitative market sizing, business case analysis and service creation in the networking and telecom industry. Quantitative market sizing includes market share and forecast reports including regional segmentation. Business case analysis targets TCO/ROI models that map features or services to the economic benefit. Service creation workshops focus on the refinement or creation of new services. Our analyst experts also deliver speeches, whitepapers, videos, custom research, and market impacts for all areas of the networking and telecommunications business.

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1ACG Research Syndicated Services 2018

  • Quarterly Market Share Report
  • Quarterly Analyst Access*
  • Two Forecast Reports

*Quarterly Analyst Access: (estimated at one to two hours per quarter) with customer during which ACG reviews market share PowerPoint presentation/Excel sheets, which address market shares, key trends and drivers and TAM. Customer must request the call during the quarter. During the call, the analyst discusses the following:

  • Briefings on product, strategy, vision from vendor to present to analyst
  • Market trends and drivers discussion
  • Media/press reference
  • Competitive landscape discussion; note anything that is NDA is not discussed

Numbers Only: Depending on syndicated service. Service includes market share reports (data, Excel) and limited access to analyst.

2. Market Impact: Two-to-four-page analysis of product, service or industry announcement. Client only has access to market impacts for the service the client is purchasing.

3. Business Case Analysis: Independent and unbiased business case analysis. TCO and ROI sales tools and whitepapers provide quantitative support for product and service value propositions. Price ranges depending on scope of project.

4. Service Creation Workshops: Assist clients with strategic service creation via interactive workshops. By utilizing the knowledge of experts, help clients align thoughts, goals and objectives of their management team, bring in the most recent and relevant thinking from experts, ensure that all issues are covered, and, above all, make breakthrough progress on issues that seem to be stuck in internal discussions. Full-day, includes follow-up summary of workshop. Designed and conducted numerous workshops to achieve company objectives for:

  • Developing scenarios for the industry
  • Creating new products and services
  • Identifying and making strategic choices for the direction of the firm
  • Evaluating new markets
  • Developing technology strategy
  • Identifying diversification opportunities

5. Workshops:
Half-day to two days with client/staff responsible for decision making and external experts Incorporate techniques to encourage broad-based creative thinking and problem identification Focus the discussion to identify actionable choices.

6. Whiteboard Videos: Analyst giving a short synopsis of the market, trends, drivers, numbers and outlook of key applications and economic trends or topic of client’s choosing. Video is distributed via YouTube, announcement to ACG’s client list, ACG newsletter and posted on ACG’s website and blog site.

7. HotSeat Video: Analyst discusses a topic with client and interviews client about product or service. Client uses a whiteboard to demonstrate concepts. Video is distributed via YouTube, announcement to ACG’s client list, ACG newsletter and posted on ACG’s website and blog site.

8. Whitepapers: Research and analysis on client’s choice of topic. Paper or Market Impact is posted on ACG’s website and notification is to ACG’s client list, links sent via ACG newsletter and blog site. Price ranges depending on scope of project.

9. Speeches: ACG present on industry trends to the subject of the customer’s event.

11. Custom Surveys: ACG has a database of service providers in which we use to help vendors address any questions. Price: Depending on scope of project.

12. Webinar Participation:

13. Executive Retainer: Price to be determined based hours and scope.

14. Moderator Role: Analysts will host/moderate panels, forums, and webinars.

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