5G Service Assurance: The Case for AIOps

Communication service providers are rapidly deploying 5G networks. A key objective is to create new services and revenue, which was not possible using 4G and earlier mobile technologies. 5G networks have increased bandwidth and lower latency. As CSPs move to 5G, infrastructure, operations, and services are undergoing a massive paradigm shift.

This transition has created pain points for many CSPs:

  1. Managing the transition from hardware network elements to virtual network elements
  2. Administering service delivery, service agility, and service creation
  3. Achieving operations efficiency through automation

A critical success factor for 5G services is efficient and effective 5G network operations.

Peter Fetterolf's paper discusses the challenges posed to CSPs in migrating to cloud-native 5G infrastructure and the benefits of adopting an AIOps platform for hybrid cloud network management and service assurance.

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