Accelerating Revenue and Innovation in CSPs' Distributed Clouds

The dominant model of application design today is the modular, micro services-based framework of cloud-native implementations. A parallel evolution of the software-defined infrastructures on which those workloads run has occurred, allowing them to be almost arbitrarily scalable in a distributed mode. CSPs have committed to adopting this paradigm in their large-scale, centralized data centers, distributed mobile core and radio access network deployments, and in their edge application infrastructures. By re-architecting their service delivery platforms in this way and integrating those infrastructures with the cloud-native applications they are supporting, they are transforming their environments into large-scaled, distributed, and increasingly automated application delivery platforms that can work with a rich and diverse set of workloads. How? Check out 

Paul Parker-Johnson's (pj@acgcc.com) Making Hardware as Easy to Manage as Software in Communications Service Providers’ Distributed System Infrastructures


Peter Fetterolf's (pfetterolf@acgcc.com) The Economic Benefits of the Dell Technologies Bare Metal Orchestrator


For more about Dell Technologies Bare Metal Orchestrator:

Dell Technologies Telecom Software and Solutions Speed 5G and Open RAN Innovation https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dell-technologies-telecom-software-and-solutions-speed-5g-and-open-ran-innovation-301399492.html 

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