Itential Vendor Profile: Automation and Orchestration for Multi-Domain Networks

Itential has been named as one of the Top 6 suppliers of cross-domain orchestration in the telecom market. This is an independent report by ACG Research on Itential. It presents our views on Itential and its products and services for automation and multi-domain orchestration. We also interviewed an Itential customer and present the customer’s views are they reported to us. Itential is a high-technology private software company that provides an intelligent network automation cross-domain orchestration software system for network and service provisioning for CSPs and enterprises. Its low-code solution can be configured by users or Itential to provide zero-touch provisioning across the entire network. Itential differentiates itself by the ease and speed of integration, the ability of nonexperts to create complex automation processes quickly, and extensive management of the resulting automation processes. It is built on the latest software technology and with its very dynamic paradigm for network data management, provides a foundation for the autonomous network operations of the future. 

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