Mark Mortensen

Principal Analyst
Office: 1.603.759.3507

Role: Responsible for Communications Software syndicated and consulting division

Experience:40+ years in in the telecom industry

Dr. Mark Mortensen, principal analyst for Communications Software, works with Communications Service Providers and the vendors that provide them with software products and services. He works with OSS, BSS, and network software vendors on their markets and messaging strategies with a focus on transition to cloud-native infrastructure and providing extreme automation with AI technologies. He also works with CSPs on their plans for digitalization of their operations and networks and financial institutions considering M&A activities in the communications software market.

Dr. Mortensen’s goal for over 40 years has been to help clients identify and exploit their unique market and technical assets to position themselves in the market to their maximum business benefit for the near and long terms.

Mark has a technical background specifying, product managing and marketing a wide range of communications software as well as extensive market positioning and competitive response experience from his technical work at Bell Labs, CMO positions at several software vendors, and as a well-known telecoms software industry analyst.

He applies his knowledge to messaging and competitive positioning, communications, technology and market strategy via workshops, presentations, white papers and articles across a wide array of topics including digital transformation, digital experience, transition to cloud native architecture, and automation of virtualized and physical networks.

Mark holds a MPhil and PhD in Physics from Yale University and a B.S. in physics from UMass Lowell. He is an adjunct faculty member at University of Massachusetts at Lowell in the Manning School of Business, teaching strategic management and professional communications.