Dramatically Simplifying the Operation of CSPs' Distributed Clouds and Generating Superior Economic Results

ACG's Analysis of Dell's Telecom Infrastructure Block Solution Offerings for 5G Cores and RANs

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) globally are deploying next-generation services using cloud-native designs in their 5G and edge network infrastructures. They are motivated by the openness, modularity and scalability as well as the potential for simplicity and efficiency that cloud-native architectures provide. While these prospects are compelling, a hurdle for CSPs to overcome is the existence of a number of alternatives for deploying cloud infrastructure configurations and their concurrent need to deploy and run these widely distributed infrastructures in a consistent, scalable and dramatically simplified way.

Dell Technologies has developed solutions to address this problem in partnership with its cloud software ecosystem partners. Together they have developed a set of solutions called Dell Telecom Infrastructure Blocks to achieve this result. Telecom Infrastructure Blocks provide pre-engineered and prevalidated cloud-native infrastructure solutions tuned to the requirements of CSPs' 5G network deployments. Their operation is simplified and made scalable through integrations between Dell Bare Metal Orchestrator and leading cloud platform software from Red Hat and Wind River to automate the deployment and  life-cycle management of the hardware and software stack used in the telco cloud.

How aligned with cloud-native simplicity, efficiency and versatility requirements are Dell's Infrastructure Blocks?  How much benefit in terms of reduced cost of ownership and accelerated time to revenues do they generate? Dell worked with ACG Research to answer these questions for its 5G core and vRAN infrastructure block solutions. The direction and the results are compelling. Find out the details for each of these cases in ACG's analyses at:

ACG Research Industry Directions Brief:Telecom Infrastructure Blocks for Red Hat:  

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