Three forces are at work that will greatly increase the operational complexity of the 5G access network, requiring that operations be automated to an unprecedented degree: densification, disaggregation, and virtualization.

5G Access = (4G Access x Densification x Bandwidth) x (Disaggregation + Virtualization)

These forces will increase the operational complexity of the 5G access network by over an order of magnitude by escalating the complexity and number of radio sites, vendors, and access network elements, and virtualizing some of the network elements by simulating their functions on distributed standard data center or open source network computing hardware.

Mobile network operators will need to bring automation in the operation of these networks to keep quality high and operational expenses low, as will their suppliers that will provide the access technologies to connect their radio towers to their mobile networks. Cable MSOs, fixed wireless operators, and fixed wireline operators will all be supplying access bandwidth and will share in the operations complexity.

Download the FRINX sponsored paper AUTOMATING 5G ACCESS DEPLOYMENTS.

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