Network Visibility & Analytics for Operational Intelligence

In the age of analytics, vendors and network operators are exploiting new network visibility and analytics technologies for deriving real-time, actionable operational intelligence, enabling service providers to increase profitability, grow revenue and ensure customer satisfaction.

ACG’s practice in Network Visibility & Analytics for Operational Intelligence combines business and technical insights, based on extensive networking and telecom industry experience, to help clients achieve their business objectives through primary market research, in-depth analysis and custom consulting.

The practice is focused on service provider use cases involving the application of advanced visibility technologies and Big Data analytics for actionable insights across a wide array of critical operational functions:

  • Troubleshooting & forensics
  • Network, workload & application monitoring
  • Traffic engineering & network optimization
  • Packet flow visibility for security tools
  • DDoS detection & mitigation
  • Behavioral analytics for cyber security
  • End-to-end service assurance
  • Automated service orchestration
  • Customer experience management

Analytics-driven operational intelligence benefits multiple stakeholders across a number of different service provider organizations:

  • Network engineering & network operations
  • Service operations & security operations
  • Customer care, technical support & field operations

Syndicated services for 2017 include a baseline primary research track and three optional sector specific research tracks:

1. Visibility & analytics for multi-domain & multi-layer network services. Concentrates on analytics-driven operational intelligence across multi-layer networks and multiple domains, including end-to-end services spanning multiple operators.

2. Visibility & analytics for Internet & cloud based services. Explores the challenges of ensuring high quality, end-to-end user experience for Webscale content, application and service delivery via the Internet and public/hybrid clouds.

3. Visibility & analytics for hyperscale data center infrastructure. Focuses on the critical role of visibility & analytics in realizing the full value of SDN and NFV in hyperscale data center infrastructure.

Each research track includes quarterly reports that cover:

  • Market landscape & industry trends
  • High value use cases
  • Business value chain & ROI
  • Visibility technologies
  • Big Data analytics
  • Technology stack
  • Open source initiatives
  • Vendor ecosystems & profiles
  • Service provider adoption & profiles

Custom consulting service offerings include:

  • Business & technology strategy
  • Market segmentation & analysis
  • Market surveys & testing
  • New product & service analysis
  • Customer strategy & messaging
  • Market impact analysis
  • Business case analysis
  • Sales enablement
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Speaking engagements
  • White papers
  • Webinars, videos

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