Syndicated Research Services

ACG Research delivers quality quantitative market sizing, business case analysis and custom consulting projects and research. Our subject matter experts:

  • Focus on the service provider space.
  • Address both technology and business issues.
  • Offer comprehensive end-to-end program of services that are high quality, fast & flexible to meet your service and business needs.

Our services provide an overview of the market (drivers,challenges and key players), a detailed understanding of technologies and solutions available, identifying their strengths and challenges. We also examine industry best practices and case studies, including efficiency measurements.

Market sizing includes:

  • Market Shares
  • Forecasts
  • Custom Data Cuts

Each syndicated service delivers the following:

  • Quarterly Market Share
  • Bi-annual Forecasts
  • Executive Summaries
  • Analyst Access
  • Quarterly Briefings

ACG Research 2016 Syndicated Services about specific technologies or contact

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