Nsight: Transformation through Software Automation

In this service provider case study, we explore how Nsight, headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin and delivering residential, enterprise and mobile communications services, is collaborating with Cisco to evolve Nsight’s network to support massive bandwidth growth, increase operational efficiency and maximize the skills of its network engineering teammates. Since 2015, Nsight has been executing a strategic plan to enhance its network in three key areas: establishing a dynamic coherent DWDM optical core, developing a packet network with IP/MPLS to the edge and introducing advanced software automation. With open, programmable optical and IP/MPLS infrastructure in place, Nsight recently introduced Cisco WAE and NSO software to increase network automation. Although Nsight admits that it is early days in terms of maximizing the benefits of software automation, early results are encouraging with faster execution, reduced errors and less troubleshooting time.

To read Tim Doiron‘s Nsight case study, click here.

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