Data Center Interconnect

Cloud and application services are delivered today by an increasingly networked and elastic fabric of data center systems deployed in varying scales, locations and for a wide range of purposes by service providers around the world. Operators and their customers leverage high-performance and finely tuned networks to link their data centers together to support their goals. ACG’s multi-disciplinary data center interconnect (DCI) research probes the reasons data center operators are using the variety of DCI solutions they do, the technological developments enabling them, and suppliers’ efforts to deliver the DCI functionality operators require.

ACG Research’s Worldwide Optical Data Center Interconnect (DCI) research provides quarterly market share, market size, and interactive market and forecast data in the following targeted areas:

  • High Speed Optical (HSO) (LH DWDM + Metro DWDM & POTS)
  • Long Haul Optical DCI
  • Metro Optical DCI
  • Small Form Factor (SFF) Optical Appliance DCI
  • Multi-Slot Chassis Optical DCI

The focus of this service is on the networking platforms operators deploy to support the DCI fabric they are offering to their customers (internal or external).

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