Automate OSS/BSS to Drive Innovation & Reduce Operating Costs

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By modernizing business, IT and network systems, digital service providers can not only improve customer experience, but also unveil opportunities for new revenue and new business models. Consolidating these systems and deploying them on virtualized network architectures, increases efficiency and establishes a foundation for pervasive process automation. In fact, when processes are fully automated to match the power of the emerging networks, support systems can become the engine that operates the business, agile, fast to execute and cost effective. This frees up human talent to focus on oversight, optimization and innovation.

Join ACG’s Mark Mortensen and other panelists on the Red Hat event to learn the ways business process automation fuels innovation across the OSS and BSS spectrum and provide real-world case studies on:

• Service provisioning

• Modern fleet management

• Ticket routing and resolution

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