A business case analysis for Cisco’s nV technology

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In a previous ASR9000 whitepaper ACG Research described the business case for scaling the next-generation network with the Cisco ASR 9000 System. This paper describes the extension of network virtualization (nV) technology across the edge, aggregation, and access networks. It also describes the extension of nV to converged services, including mobile and enterprise next generation and legacy services.

ACG Research has developed a business case analysis for Cisco’s nV technology when deployed across the edge, aggregation and access networks that supports residential, enterprise and mobile services. The analysis captures the market’s evolutionary change in the access network from E1/T1 to Ethernet-based technology. The model addresses this change for backhaul of 2G, 3G, and 4G radio technologies and for enterprise Internet access and L3 VPN services.

The business case analysis compares the cash flow and three-year cumulative total cost of ownership of the Cisco nV technology with a leading competitor’s converged services solution referred to as the “present mode of operations.”

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