Maximizing Agility at the Network Edge

CREATING AGILE NETWORKS: BUSINESS NETWORKING AND THE ADVANCE OF THE CLOUDS The industry’s adoption of cloud-native designs is on. Cloud-native designs increase value by delivering applications rapidly and lowering the cost of delivery using open technologies at every layer of operation, from hardware to operating system and application software. In cloud-native designs the path to a more fully connected world is open. Delivering applications in a cloud-native world demands an agility in networking that has not been available in the past. This is true in an expanding landscape of use cases, extending beyond conventional virtual private networks (VPNs) (which remain important), and incorporating new architectures across multiple clouds, and running applications in the Internet of Things in parallel with applications in the Internet for people. These developments have stimulated efforts to bring new and forward-looking virtualization and software-driven functionality to networks to align them with the applications they support.

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