Powering the Digital Economy

Adoption of digital solutions on a wide scale is predicated on continued innovation in the fundamental network technologies and on the service provider’s proficiency in adapting for real-world use cases. In the enterprise, high throughput connectivity needs to be complemented by applications such as SD-WAN, WIFI, security, UCaaS, and others; IoT needs to be enabled at a large scale. These solutions should not be considered in isolation but should be delivered over a common software defined networking platform that provides orchestration and enablement for these capabilities as software applications or virtual network functions  and provides the frameworks for the addition of other VNFs in the future. These solutions are complex and are evolving constantly, requiring dedicated resources and continuously changing skillsets. Therefore, it is recommended these solutions be managed by a service provider that has the depth and breadth of skillset and resources to provide continuous management, monitoring, and the flexibility to scale as the needs of the organization evolve.

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