Creating Agility & Efficiency at Scale: The Economic Advantage of Open Architecture Platforms in NFV Deployments

Analysis of alternative platform designs in a Tier 1 installation highlights simpler, more agile design with an estimated five-year TCO of 53% and 3x faster activation of new service offerings than more tightly bundled alternative

Paul Parker-Johnson recently completed a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study, underwritten by Big SwitchNetworks, Dell EMC, F5, and Red Hat, examining a prominent Tier 1 operator that launched its broad thttp://www.bigswitch.com/ransition to NFV using an open, modular, best-of-breed design that broadly uses open APIs and software-driven processes at many layers of operation. Compared to a tightly bundled approach, the results show:

• Cumulative TCO of the open architecture platform over five years estimated to be 53% lower

• The open architecture platform is 3x faster, on average, in deploying new service offerings

A copy of ACG Research’s report Creating Agility and Efficiency at Scale: The Economic Advantages of Open Architecture Platforms in NFV Deployments can be obtained from these sites: Big Switch Networks:http://acgcc.com/creating-agility-efficiency-at-scale-the-economic-advantages-of-open-architecture-platforms-in-nfv-deployments/ Dell EMChttp://dellemcevents.com/event/mwc#resources F5 Networks: https://interact.f5.com/2017Q2EACGNFVReportFEB21_2-RegistrationPage.html Red Hat: https://www.redhat.com/en/resources/acg-research-open-architecture-nfv-deployments-analyst-paper


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