ACG Research has been studying the evolving area of domain control and orchestration: automation of the network operations for individual network domains (domain control)  and the orchestration of provisioning and optimization functions across domains (cross-domain orchestration). This paper represents a summary of some of the results of the research, focusing on the cross-domain orchestration market.

  • Independent software vendors are dominating the cross-domain orchestrator market, while network element vendors mostly provide domain controllers,
  • Cross-domain orchestration is most deployed in the transport area, providing end-to-end service orchestration across geographic domains as well as across IP and optical transport domains,
  • Cross-domain orchestration for other areas is currently small but growing quickly,
  • Netcracker is the leader in cross-domain orchestration software in 2022 with its Service and Network Orchestration software, part of its overall Digital Platform offering,
  • Other top vendors include Ciena  Blue Planet, Cisco (Sedona), HPE, Itential, and Nokia.

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