MX is the Future: Juniper’s Response to Service Providers' Economics

Today’s networks are all about optimizing performance and realizing maximum revenue. Service providers need products and services that decrease complexity and integrate services on one platform. Juniper answers SPs’ request with its Network Optimization Services portfolio.
With its Network Optimization Services offering, Juniper has consolidated services on the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router and one operating system, Junos®. This consolidation supports service providers’ business goals by significantly lowering the cost to implement and operate the network and by improving return on network and service investments.
To see how much return on investment is achieved, ACG Research compared network upgrades for three hypothetical mobile operators. The comparisons include a traditional appliance-based network, a hybrid approach using both router-based services and appliance-based services, and a fully converged infrastructure based on Juniper Network Optimization Services.
Contrasted with traditional appliance-based service delivery methods, Network Optimization Services on the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router helps network operators reduce the number of single purpose network elements in their networks, which reduces complexity, cost, and risk. Just how much does it do that? We found that  the Network Optimization Services demonstrated up to 42% lower total cost of ownership, 75% lower environmental emissions, and produced 1.5 times higher return on investment than the other service delivery methods. 
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