The Economic Benefits of Session Smart Routing in SD-WAN and Cloud Networks

128 Technology is delivering an SD-WAN solution that is clearly differentiated from the competition. Where traditional SD-WAN has delivered incremental benefit on legacy infrastructure, 128 has built a disruptive solution that addresses the limitations of the existing infrastructure. The 128 Session Smart SD-WAN solution is inherently service centric, enabling a far-tighter alignment between the network and the applications it supports. 128 Technology has introduced an innovative software pricing model: project-wide licensing. This provides customers with a success based, pay-as-you grow pricing model that customers only pay for network usage. For SD-WAN ACG has determined that this pricing model can reduce routing software expenses up to 82% over existing solutions. Perhaps the biggest difference for the Session Smart SD-WAN solution is its ability to create secure SD-WAN networks without creating IPSEC tunnels.

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