evaluate the potential benefits of a cloud-based approach to network modeling

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Service providers and large enterprises struggle to implement lab environments that emulate their operational networks. Reproducing the scale of the network is not feasible in a lab. Acquiring and maintaining even small lab environments is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. It is essential, none-the-less, to thoroughly model, test and replicate topologies and protocols and model "what if" scenarios before rolling out new topologies, protocols or network services. This reduces risks and validates tools prior to their use in the operational network.

Junosphere is a virtual environment that enables users to create and run Junos™-based networks for large, scalable, realistic testing and modeling of practically anything a Juniper Networks router or security device can do. The routers within Junosphere are not a simulation but rather full-functioned instances of Junos software routers with full management, control, and data planes.

To evaluate the potential benefits of a cloud-based approach to network modeling, ACG Research conducted a total cost of ownership comparison between a testing project using the Junosphere virtual environment and a physical test lab. We use an entry-level Juniper Networks router in the physical lab; because it runs Junos the behavior can be emulated accurately in Junosphere.


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