Fresh Findings: Improving Automation in Service Fulfilment & Operations

New study by ACG Research provides first-hand perspectives from service provider experts globally on challenges and opportunities in the provisioning and management of optical and carrier Ethernet transport services

The pace of adoption and degree of customer satisfaction with service providers’ optical and carrier Ethernet services have been generally lower than desired over the past several years, especially at the higher capacity end of carriers’ service delivery offerings (100 Gb/s+). Cumbersome workflows, incomplete automation, and complicated agreements have all contributed to the current state. The industry has been working on ways of simplifying the development and deployment of these services, especially in the face of strong customer demand for higher capacity, greater variety, and simpler operation in the services.

In the fourth quarter of 2018 Nokia introduced its WaveSuite family of applications to help operators simplify the deployment of optical transport services and their ongoing operations. To shed greater light on service providers’ specific challenges in their transport service deployments, and understand those service providers’ perspectives on the benefits they and their customers can achieve by simplifying their operations through enhanced applications and processes, Nokia engaged ACG Research to conduct a study of 50 service providers’ perspectives globally. This new report presents the findings of that study for the benefit of the service provider ecosystem overall. 

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