Paul Parker-Johnson

Principal Analyst

Office: +1.978.387.8023

Role: Responsible for Software-Defined Networking, Cloud Computing, Data Center syndicated and consulting division

Experience: 30+ years in in the telecom industry

Paul Parker-Johnson is ACG’s chief analyst and research lead into the combination ofcloud, IoT, analytics and AI in the broadly emerging field of digital enablement. This work considers innovations in each of the related categories, and analyzes their impact on use cases in industrial, commercial, consumer and public sector environments.  Special emphasis is placed on the economic impact of the developments in the digital operations of each sector. The impact of innovations on each sector’s domains (user and access, connecting transport network, distributed cloud, analytics, and AI solutions) as well as their relevance in the aggregate to decision making in both operational and strategic contexts are analyzed.

PJ brings a long record of contribution to innovations in both computing and communications to his work.  From his starting point in designing and implementing high performance transaction processing systems in the New York financial sector with IBM in the late 1970s his interests led him into designing networks for distributed computing in both enterprise and service provider environments with BBN Communications (Bolt, Beranek and Newman) in Cambridge, Mass. During the next decade he researched and designed solutions using both proprietary and open protocols (including Arpanet, X.25, Frame Relay, ATM and development of the industry’s original IP protocol stack).  Joining Cisco as a result of its acquisition of BBN’s LightStream unit in 1995 he took part in evolving Cisco’s core IP routing product line, including the introduction of ASIC-based label switching into packet transport networks using MPLS. His focus evolved into cloud computing environments with the widening commercialization of virtual computing in the early 2000s.  In this process he joined Juniper Networks and took part in developing and delivering solutions for overlay virtual networking in private and hybrid clouds, for high performance physical switching and routing in data center environments, and the introduction of virtualized networking functions into service provider environments of various types (beginning with early implementations of virtualized CPE and evolving into additional classes of VNFs). 

Having worked on solution developments in these categories for over 30 years brought his deep interests in industry transformations and their impact to ACG’s research team in 2014, developing the firm’s practice in cloud, virtual system infrastructures and SDN as they evolved.  Based on the industry’s progress in both cloud and distributed networking in that time he has begun working on their continuing fusion (in distributed, hybrid clouds) and their integration with industrial and other IoT, with support from machine learning, analytics and AI in creating more fully unified digital operations.  This work envisions a union of contributing technologies across their deployment domains into intelligent composable fabrics that dynamically enable their managers to achieve the most effective outcomes possible given the state of the art and the dimensions of the solutions they have deployed.  In this work he performs not only his own research, but collaborates with other ACG principals in the areas of AI, automation, distributed cloud, mobility and wireless, intelligent transport networking (both packet and optical), vertical sector applications, and economic and business case analysis. 

The work is supported by original research into each domain, primary survey research with stakeholders, evaluations of architectural and technological developments, economic and business case analyses, and market modeling in each of the related domains.



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