Building Networks as Agile as the Cloud

Advances in communication and cloud computing technologies have at a remarkable rate immensely improved peoples’ quality of life and the effectiveness of businesses in every sector. Innovations in application and endpoint device capabilities regularly open up opportunities for productivity and achievement. These advances are occurring in large measure because of the visionary adoption of architectural frameworks that accelerate the delivery of solutions enabling the gains.

Although these advances have been occurring steadily in domains such as smart phones and cloud computing data centers, they have been slow to arrive in service providers’ networks that serve to connect people with each other and the applications they want. Large-scale SP networks at every level—from metro and regional to national and international—have lagged the pace of innovation in agility that has been achieved in the other domains by a four- to five-year span. Consequently, the routing, switching and optical infrastructures supporting the growing population of endpoints and computing systems have not been able to become full partners in the pace of innovation for which the world is looking.

Alcatel Lucent has been an active participant in this evolution and with its introduction of the Network Services Platform is taking a position at the leading edge of the SPs’ transformation process toward becoming more agile engines of innovation.

NSP delivers a unique blend of capabilities to service providers to help them realize their agility and innovation goals.

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