Masterclass: Unleashing the power of the Local Area Network

LAN infrastructure is mature and a thing of the past, right? Maybe that’s worth rethinking given the change in technology, wireless endpoints, user behaviour, work models and business requirements. If you have employees coming back on-site full-time or part-time,then your network is going to be compared to what they’ve had at home for the past two years. In the office they’ll still be using the video collaboration tools. Poor connectivity and slow speeds simply won’t cut it in the new, hybrid world of work. Users expect a seamless experience as they move between work locations.

Locations focused on external customers—like stores, banking branches and customer facing offices—have an entirely different set of challenges. Advanced LAN infrastructure can improve the customer experience with additional services and guidance. And LANs go beyond devices for human use. IoT endpoints, sensors and automation are growing fast, and the line between industrial IoT and building automation is blurring.

To unpack the opportunities, we invite you to join our latest event. Ray Mota will talk about the evolution of LAN technology and trends for the future.


When: Thursday, June 30th

Time: 9:00am CST / 11:00am BRT / 3:00pm BST / 4:00pm CET


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